Your Refuge & Strength

Read: Psalm 91

Where are your thoughts dwelling recently?  Where is your trust in God?  How is your fear level these days?  For most of us, our thoughts, actions, and stress points are great indicators of our level of hope, our fears, and the peace we have about life.  Our prayer life can help greatly with keeping all of these in perspective and in line with God’s promises to us.

Psalm 91 is a great place to start if you need a reminder and confirmation of where your help can come from in the midst of difficult days. In fact, this Psalm can be read or recited as a prayer for yourself or someone who might need the assurance of God’s love, care, concern, and help.  God is your refuge, God is your fortress of strength, and God will cover you in times of trouble.

How wonderful are these words from Psalm 91:14-16 in the Contemporary English Version…

“The Lord says, If you love me and truly know who I am, I will rescue you and keep you safe.  When you are in trouble, call out to me.  I will answer and be there to protect and honor you.  You will live and long and see my saving power.”  Great words and promises to apply to our life!

Make It Personal:  What thoughts have been weighing you down lately?  Thoughts often lead us down paths that distract us from these great promises of God.  Ask Jesus to bring healing to your thoughts this week and try to focus on the peace, joy, and strength found in the Lord.

Have a blessed week,  Glen Rhodes