Who are the Mennonites?

Mennonites have been around for almost 500 years.  They began as a movement that insisted no one is born into the church.  Instead, Mennonites believe the church is a community of believers who choose to turn over their lives to Jesus Christ and be baptized to symbolize that commitment.  Together we strive to live out a new way of life in which Jesus is Lord above all nationalism, materialism or any selfish pursuit.

Mennonites believe we gain strength from the presence of God’s Spirit as we come together in community.  Mennonites believe discipleship is a shared journey.  We strive to live out Jesus’ way together.  Our congregations provide communities of shared worship, support, and accountability.  Mennonite congregations are like caring families, and visitors are always welcome.

Mennonites perhaps are best known for our commitment to nonviolence and peacemaking.  Jesus taught his disciples to love their enemies and respond to aggression with positive action.  He also taught us to follow him.  We believe God defeats evil with sacrificial and unconditional love and see peace building as an achievable way of life.