AMC Vision

AMC Vision Statement

“Nurture the Future Church”

By 2027, Arthur Mennonite Church will become a community of children and adults who build deeper relationships
with each other.  We will guide our children to learn God’s Word and know Jesus personally. Opportunities for the spiritual growth of all ages will be provided as we boldly share God’s love to the world.


Four Spiritual Truths

For Followers of Jesus:

  1. A God of love made you and me in his image as a good part of creation. God wants us to live at peace with our Maker, our world, and one another.
  2. Sin destroys harmony in creation when we try to run our own lives apart from God. Suffering, greed, violence and broken relationships result.
  3. Jesus confronted the powers of evil that fracture our world and died on the cross for my sin. Jesus healed the sick, forgave enemies and lived in the joy of the kingdom of God.
  4. You can have a new beginning by the same power that raised Jesus from the dead. God forgives when we confess our sins, and the Spirit of God enables us to follow Jesus in all of life.


Additional Resources

Mennonite Confession of Faith

We encourage you to review the

Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective

in its entirety for an even more in-depth look at our faith.

Mennonite World Review

Mennonite World Review

(MWR) is an independent newspaper published since 1923. MWR exists to foster communication and cooperation within the Mennonite family of faith, encouraging support for the work of the church, its structures and institutions. It seeks to be a medium for the preservation and spread of Christian beliefs and ideals as interpreted in the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition.