Your Burning Bush

Read: Exodus 3:1-12

The account of Moses and the burning bush in Exodus 3 is one that always intrigues.  While the details are very clear it often leaves us wondering what a burning bush that never burns up might look like.  The physical attributes are really not the most important part of this story though, God is speaking to Moses and this was how he chose to get his attention.  How does that work for us today?

We often hear people talk about getting in touch with God or feeling close to the Lord through prayer, reading the Bible, meditating on scripture, being silent and listening, nature, and other means, but how do we know if what we are hearing is a clear guidance or directive from God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?  The first step is to offer yourself to God.  Moses did that by saying, “Here I am.”  Then the Lord spoke.

The next step is to test the word to see if it lines up with God’s word and the life of Jesus.  Prayer, talking with other believers, and asking God for more details can often be a way to distinguish between God’s directive or that of a false prophet or false directive.  Moses questioned his call to lead the Isrealites out of Egypt and didn’t think he had what it would take, but God always had the answer to his questions.  God was calling and God would provide.  How might the Lord be speaking to you these days and in what way is God speaking?  What is your response going to be? 

Make It Personal:  Make sure you are seeking the Lord and asking for his guidance with some of the big decisions in your life.  Always be listening because sometimes the Lord will speak into your life even if you are not asking for it.  My prayer is that we will always respond to God’s leading and trust that the Lord will be with us and provide for us.  Here I am Lord!

Have a great week,  Glen Rhodes