You Never Know

Read: Matthew 5:13-16

                Many people in our community are friends of John Schmid or know of him.  John has a music ministry that travels around the country and world sharing stories, testimonies, and songs about the good news of Jesus.  By the way, John will be playing at Arthur’s Penn Station on the evening of August 26.  His Common Ground Ministries also has a wonderful prison outreach that is reaching hundreds of prisoners each year with the gospel message.

In his most recent newsletter John shared some stories about why it is important to never underestimate the influence you may have on someone.  He shared a story about a music festival he was a part of back in 1978 in Wilmore, Kentucky.  It turns out that Vice-President Mike Pence gave his life to Christ at that same music festival that year.

Another story he shared was from Thomas Hughes’ 1857 book Tom Brown School-days.  A visitor to the British School was surprised when the schoolmaster tipped his hat to a student as they walked across the school yard.  That didn’t fit into the British class system, so the visitor asked why he would do that.  The school master replied, “I may have just saluted the Prime Minister of England.”  You never know!

John also shared a story about how Bill Glass, an All-American college football player from years past, personally answered all of the fan mail he received when he was playing.  Years later, as a prison minister, Glass learned that President George W. Bush was one of the young people he had responded to during his playing days.  Glass was in need of a favor and the President was more than glad to help him out.

These are reminders that what Jesus says in Matthew 5:13-16 is very important.  We must let the light of Christ shine through our lives and into the lives of others.  You never know who, how, or what might become of someone when you take the time to talk to them, help them out, or reach out to them.  As John Schmid says, “Only God knows who is in the audience.”

Make it Personal:  Who has been an important influence on your life?  Think about how you are passing that legacy on.  Never underestimate how the Lord may use your life, your witness, your compassion, or your example to make a difference.  Let your light, the light of Christ, shine!

Have a great week,  Pastor Glen Rhodes