Weather The Storm

Read: Mark 4:35-41

The first of this week I was blessed to take part in an LMC Great Lakes West prayer retreat at Camp Alexander Mack in Milford, Indiana.  What a wonderful time of gathering with other church leaders to study God’s Word, spend time in silence, and pray together.  We all need more opportunities for times like this in our lives.  I would encourage you to jump at the chance to do something like this if it comes along sometime.

Our focus passage for the day was the story of Jesus calming the storm in Mark 4.  We also studied Rembrandt’s painting of this story which is titled “The Storm On The Sea Of Galilee.”  A picture of that painting is attached.  We were asked to think about which disciple we would be in this painting, what phrase in the story spoke to us, which verses or thoughts grabbed our focus or attention, and what our response to all of this was.

I would encourage you to do the same this week.  Read Mark 4:35-41 this week, study this painting, study the words of the text and reflect on these questions above.  When we take time with scripture and stories like this the Lord can bring calm and hope to help us weather the storms of life just like he calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee for the disciples.  As things calmed down on the sea the disciples said to each other, “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!”

Make It Personal:  I will share a portion of a prayer I wrote during this retreat.  Perhaps you can use this prayer in your own times of devotion… “Jesus, my Lord and Savior, I come to you today and ask you to calm me, calm my heart, calm my fears and concerns, and calm my inner soul.  Help me to give these things, ALL of the things that trouble me to your mighty and trusting hand.”

Be Blessed this week,  Glen Rhodes