Two To Go

Read: Mark 13
This past weekend there were several sporting events in High School, College, and Pro that went down to the last minutes of the game.  In many of those games the teams found a sudden burst of energy and momentum in the last two minutes of the game or last innings of a game.  This sudden inspiration reminds us of what Jesus says in Mark 13 when he speaks of the final days.
While Jesus makes it clear that only God the Father knows when those last days or hours will be (v.32), he continuously encourages believers to be on guard, ready, and alert for them at all times.  He says, “If He comes suddenly, do not let him find you sleeping.” (v.36) In other words, don’t just live as you please and think about pleasing the Lord sometime in the future. The time to make Jesus the Lord of your life and to live your life for him is now.
As I watched some of those sporting events this past weekend I had to ask myself.  What were these teams doing the whole game? Why did they wait until the last two minutes or last inning of the game to finally get their games in gear?  For some of those teams, especially the Illini football team, that last minute surge still wasn’t enough to bring forth a victory.
The truth is, we don’t know when our last hours on earth will be and we don’t know when Jesus will return as he has promised.  Our utmost concern needs to be about how prepared and ready we are for that day. Now is the time to live as if you are in the last two minutes of your life here on earth.  I hope we have many more but if not, I hope we all will be ready and prepared to meet Jesus in heaven.
Make it Personal:  Think about your own life right now.  If Jesus were to come today or if your life here on earth were to come to an unexpected end, would it look like you were ready for it?  Would it look like you were ready to meet Jesus? These are important things for each of us to ponder. Don’t wait until the last two minutes to become passionate and alive for Jesus.         
Have a blessed week, Pastor Glen Rhodes