True and Committed

Read: Ruth 1
After hearing a famous violinist give a concert one time a lady went up to her and said, “I would give anything to be able to play like that.”  The violinist replied, “Would you really? Would you even give 5 minutes every day?” Another person later told the violinist, “I would give my life if I could play the way you do.”  The violinist once again responded and said, “That is precisely what I have given.”
To be true and committed to something or someone demands time, effort, commitment, and dedication.  Olympic athletes train for years, a musician must be committed to practice, and marriage is a commitment that requires a couple to work at their relationship. When we think of being committed to Jesus, to our faith, or committed to anything else in life, it requires us to be faithful.
Faithfulness is what we see in the book of Ruth.  Ruth was so faithful to her mother-in-law Naomi that she stayed with her wherever she went.  Her faithfulness to remain true and committed was a part of God’s plan to continue the family line through which the Messiah Jesus would later be born into the world.  Read the short book of Ruth and see how God used the faithfulness of Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz to remain strong and committed when the culture around them was crumbling.
It’s easy to look around today and be frustrated by many different things on many different fronts.  In many ways it feels as if our culture is crumbling. What are we to do about it? While some actions can be taken to improve things, the most important calling for Christians is to remain strong in character and true to God.  If our own commitment to Jesus is failing, how do we expect to grow in Him and make a difference in the world that we live?
Make it Personal:  If you have ever learned to play an instrument, a sport, or become successful in a career or as a parent or spouse, you know the hard work and practice that is required.  That same commitment is what we need to live out as followers of Jesus Christ. Ruth is a great example, and throughout the Bible there are many, many more. Let it be said of us!          Have a blessed week, Pastor Glen Rhodes