The Ultimate Buffet

Read: Matthew 4:1-11

Buffets are harder to find these days due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic.  In most recent days we have just been fortunate to be able to enter a restaurant to enjoy a meal out.  This past Sunday I mentioned the importance of reading and feasting on God’s Word as a daily practice in our lives. Scripture shows us what God desires in us and how Jesus showed us to live.  It also proclaims the promises of God to those who believe.  It is the ultimate buffet for Christians.

In Matthew 4 when Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness the Word of God is what Jesus used to refute the lies and temptations of the evil one. Over and over he said, “It is written….” as a way to disprove the temptations that were being presented to him.  The same can hold true for us as well.  If we feast on the Word of God daily (over and over) it can help to lead us away from the tempter and remind us of what God promises and how Jesus showed us to live.

Jon Bloom once said, “When our body needs energy, we eat food.  But when our soul needs hope, what do we feed it?  Promises… Our souls are designed to be nourished by God’s precious and very great promises (2 Peter 1:4).”  When we sit down or take the time to read the Bible Psalm 19 says that we are feasting on something that is more desired than gold and sweeter than honey.  It’s time for us to take the time in our busy lives and learn from the one who can help us find direction, find purpose, find peace, and help us to handle the things the world throws at us.  God’s ultimate buffet is always open.

Make it Personal:  How has your time in God’s Word been recently?  Have you taken the time to be in God’s Word recently?  We must not let our Bibles collect dust and become nice pieces of decor around the house. It must be a vital, important, and daily part of our Christian lives.

Be blessed this week,  Glen Rhodes