The Power Of Christmas Music

Read: Psalm 150:1-5

Why do you enjoy the Christmas season?  Sometimes we think about the hustle and bustle of Christmas and we don’t stop to appreciate the things we really enjoy about this time of the year.  The music of Christmas is something that is powerful.  It has always blessed, inspired, and brought forth memories of the past for me as well as inspiration for the current season..  From the favorite carols to the traditional classics the sounds, the music, and the words of the Christmas season are different than any other time of the year.

In a recent article by Jen Wilkin in Christianity Today magazine I was struck by a question she asked.  She wrote, “Does our sacred music merely move us in the moment or form us for a lifetime of faithfulness?”  Jen was writing about hymns and worship songs in general but this same question can be asked about the music of Christmas.  Does it help to form our faith in Jesus and the Christmas story or is it just nice music to set a mood or moment?

This is an encouragement for us to think about the words of these Christmas songs, carols, and hymns that we sing in the month of December.  Many of them we can sing by heart and memory because we have heard them for so long, but what if we thought deeper about what they are saying or proclaiming in our world and in our lives.  Think about that this year when you sing “O Holy Night,” “Silent Night,” or “O, Come All Ye Faithful.”  

Make It Personal:  Think about these things when you sing the songs of Christmas this year.  What are you singing?   What does it mean?  How does it form your faith and testimony of Christmas?  How can they help you to share the good news of Jesus?   

Have a blessed week,  Glen Rhodes