The Last Week

Read: Luke 17-21

As we celebrate Holy Week this week it might be helpful for us to look back on that last week of Jesus’ life before his death and resurrection.  Luke 17-21 is a good place to start when recalling some of these events but here is how that last week was for Jesus….

Saturday and Sunday – The weekend before the cross and empty tomb found Jesus in Bethany.  He was anointed at the house of Simon the leper by a woman who was weeping at his feet as she worshiped him.  Many people came to Bethany this weekend to see Jesus and he shared words of hope and life with them.  He indicated that the time of his death was near and about his resurrection but many did not understand what he was saying, including his disciples.

Monday – Jesus rides the donkey into Jerusalem with what we know as the triumphal entry.  This fulfills prophecies of the Old Testament and many people worship and praise him by laying palm branches and shouting praises along the route.  Many of these would turn on him later in the week and deny him.

Tuesday – The religious leaders begin to plot ways to kill Jesus on this day.  As accusations begin to swirl among them Jesus reminds his followers that following him would look different than following the ways of the world.  Jesus also curses a fig tree on this day warning the people about spiritual blindness.

Wednesday – Jesus predicts that in two days he will be crucified during the time of passover.  He teaches timely lessons to his followers on this day and prepares them for his eventual ascension into heaven.  He also promises of his return and tells hs disciples to be ready and on guard at all times.

Thursday – Maundy Thursday is when Jesus shared the last supper with his disciples in the upper room.  The bread was to represent his broken body and the wine was to represent his shed blood for he sins of all mankind.  The sacrifice of the cross is still recognized and remembered today around the world through Holy Communion.  Later this night Jesus is arrested after his disciple Judas betrays him.

Friday – Often referred to as Good Friday because of what Jesus did for the good all humanity.  His death on the cross bought the grace and forgiveness of all who believe in him and receive his pardon.  The cross of Calvary was the end result of a day of trials, beatings, and Jesus carrying his own cross through the streets of Jerusalem.  Later on Friday the curtain in the temple was torn in two and Jesus proclaimed “It is Finished!”

Saturday – Holy Saturday is when the body of Jesus lay in the tomb with Roman guards keeping watch.  Little did they or others know what was about to happen the following morning.

Sunday – The most glorious day ever for Christians and those who believe.  Jesus is risen from the tomb and death is defeated once and for all.  The women discover the empty tomb and run back to tell the others.  Some of them run to see it for themselves.  Jesus continues to appear to the disciples and others in the days that follow until he eventually ascends into heaven.

Make It Personal: Jesus suffered much on our behalf but he knew that it was God’s plan to save you and I from our sins and so he committed himself to the cross.  He was also glorified in his resurrection and because of his resurrection we all have the blessing of eternal life with him in heaven.  Death has been defeated once and for all.  For those who believe and follow Jesus this was the best week in the history of the world.  Let’s celebrate it in that way!

 Have a blessed week, Glen Rhodes