That Which Is Seen

Read: Luke 8:16-18

In a recent interview, Dan Bartle, the executive vice-president of Walmart, said that during the recent pandemic they have seen a large increase in sales of clothing tops instead of bottoms.  The company believes this reflects the current trend of online meetings and video conferencing in which people are only seen from the waist up.  Why worry about what you are wearing if no one is going to see that part?

That story reminds us of what Jesus says in Luke 8:17 about our lives.  When it comes to the so called hidden or private areas of life Jesus says, “There is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.  Therefore, consider carefully how you listen.”  This verse reminds us of two things.  First, that nothing is truly hidden from God.  And second, as believers we need to shine the light of Jesus in public and not keep it hidden and to ourselves.

If nothing is hidden from God then we need to be open and honest about the sin and struggles in our life.  We need to come to Jesus with repentant hearts and ask for his grace and forgiveness for those things that perhaps only God and us know about.  If there is immorality, racism, envy, materialism, gossip, slander, or misplaced priorities then we need the grace of Jesus so we can be redeemed and set free, leaving those things in our past.

We also need to be open about sharing the good news of Jesus with the world around us.  Jesus can help people with the hurt, division, depression, and brokenness in our world today.  We see it all around us right now.  Jesus can help you with anything that might be bringing you down these days.  He sees and knows about everything you are dealing with in life, and he wants to help.  Allow the light of Jesus to shine and be seen in your life.

Make it Personal:  Name something that has been hidden in your heart for days, weeks, or years.  Remind yourself that Jesus knows about it and wants to help you move past it and free you from it.  He can and he will if you turn to him and give it to him today.

Have a wonderful week,  Glen Rhodes