Tell Your Story

Read: Psalm 78:1-8
What story do you have to share? All of us have stories. How often do you share the story of Jesus and what he has done in your life? Most everyone enjoys a good story, especially when it is told by someone who has a personal connection to it. The joy and excitement come through naturally when you have experienced it yourself. We are reminded quite often that we are to share our story.
If you read the entire Psalm 78, you realize this is a story. It is the story of Israel and how God led them out of Egypt and into the promised land. In verse 4 it says “we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done”. It goes on to say that they would teach their children, and the children would eventually share it with their children so that it would be passed on to those not even born yet. I believe one of the greatest gifts we have is our own story of our faith journey. Sharing that with our children and family should be our first priority. The story of Israel has lasted for thousands of years because it has been recorded and told over and over again from generation to generation. Our story is really no different than theirs. Each of us have stories of God’s grace, faithfulness, and provision in our lives. Those stories can encourage others to trust in the Lord as they travel this road of life.
Make It Personal
Sometimes it is hard to share your story unless the right opportunity presents itself. Ask God to provide opportunities and give you the confidence you need to share your story with others. Remind yourself each day, that if an opportunity presents itself, you will tell your story. Telling our story is part of our calling as Christ followers. The great commission is that we share the gospel. Tell someone you know about the praiseworthy deeds and power of the Lord.
~ written by Lamar Miller