Strong & Courageous

Read: Joshua 1-7

The first seven chapters of Joshua share the dramatic transfer of leadership from Moses to Joshua and the long awaited entry into the promised land after 40 years of wandering around the desert.  Joshua encourages the people to be strong and courageous as they cross the Jordan River, march around the walls of Jericho, and enter the long awaited land that God had promised them.

There are so many things these days that tend to chip away at our faith, the truth, and the promises that God has made to we his people.  We have so many questions about the pandemic we continue to struggle through, we see pillars of truth being torn down by the world around us, and the news channels continue to lead us down paths of untruth, partisanship, and despair.  With all of that said, we are not without hope. 

As Christians and followers of Jesus Christ we are called to be strong and courageous as we face these challenges in our day to day lives.  God will guide us, Christ will sustain us, and the Holy Spirit will direct us in these difficult days of questions, doubt, and fear.  The Lord will part the waters, knock down the walls, and help us to navigate our way through if we will seek his help.  Hope of the promised land is right around the next corner so keep trusting, stay strong, and find your courage through Jesus Christ.

Make It Personal:  Maybe it is not something going on in our world right now that has you afraid or dismayed.  Maybe it is something in your life personally or in your family that no one else knows about.  God does know and God cares about what you are going through.  The Lord wants to help you through this time and give you courage and strength to get through it.  Your hope and your deliverance through Christ is there for your taking.  Take hold of it!

Have a great week,  Glen Rhodes