Safe and Secure

Read: John 10:22-30
When you were little, did you ever have other children try to snatch candy or maybe your lunch money out of your hands? It’s really hard to hold onto something when a stronger person is prying at your fingers, trying to get it out of your hand. Tiny children often lose what they’re holding. They aren’t strong enough or tall enough to protect it. There was one kid in my 6th grade class that nobody could try that on. He was only 11, but he was already over six feet tall. He could just hold the candy over everyone’s heads! Nobody could take things away from him.
Jesus carries us safely in His hands, just like that. He is greater than everyone; nobody can reach over Him or around Him or take us away. He is smarter than all our enemies. And he is stronger, too. Jesus is the Son of God, who loved us so much that He became a human being to live, suffer and die on a cross in order to break the power of death over us. None of us could do that, but Jesus could – and He did. Death could not hold Him. On the third day he rose from the dead, and He will never die again. He gives that same life to you and me, to everyone who trusts in Him. He holds us safely in those strong, nail-scarred hands – and nothing can snatch us away from Him, not sin or death. We are safely in Jesus’ hands forever.
Make It Personal
Being safely in Jesus’ hands is not oppressive, it’s very liberating. Jesus doesn’t say, “Do this, and then maybe you will be good enough to be one of my sheep.” He says, “You belong to me already. No one can snatch you out of my hand.” Secure in this belonging, we are free to live the abundant life which Jesus has made possible. It is life that is abundant in the love of God made known in Jesus Christ, love which overflows to others (John 13:34-35). Let us spread that love of Jesus!
~ written by Lynn Marner