Red Letters

Read: Matthew 24:30-35

In connection with our current message series “Jesus: Fully Known” this weeks reflection comes from Pastor David Jeremiah….

“J. Oswald Sanders pointed out that the teachings of Jesus were simple, vital, ethical, practical, original, psychologically correct, and, of course, theologically true – in every way.  The teachings of Jesus were true because He is the truth, so we can know Him.  He fulfills the truth, so we can trust Him.  He tells the truth, so we can obey Him.  He models the truth, so we can emulate Him.  He predicts the truth, so we can expect Him.  And He comforts us with the truth, so we can love Him.

Reading through the Gospels in one sitting would take some time, but if you have a Bible with the words of Jesus printed in red, try sitting down to read those words.  Go from passage to passage, simply reading the red-letter words of Jesus.  It’s a wonderful exercise.  As an alternative, spend extra time this week reading the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew 5-7.  It’s the greatest speech, sermon, or discourse ever given.”

Make it Personal:  When the red letters of Jesus become the read letter of Jesus, our soul is enriched. The world will one day end but His words will never pass away.

“Ignorance of the scriptures is ignorance of Christ.”  – Jerome

Have a blessed week,  Glen Rhodes