Quick Change

Read: Ezekiel 36:24-36

Perhaps you have heard of or seen the man and woman act of “Quick Change” before on T.V. or at the halftime of a basketball game.  Sos and Victoria Petrosyan have been traveling around the past 10 years performing an amazing act of clothing changes that happen right before your eyes and leave you asking how it happened.  If you have never seen them before here is a YouTube link of their act.

Recently I have heard several stories in which people noticed a dramatic change in someone’s life.  In each of those cases the change came because they became a Christian and received Jesus into their life.  Spouses, family, friends, co-workers notice when Jesus transforms a persons heart, mind, and actions. It often causes others to ask, “what has changed, why is this person so different?”

In Ezekiel 36 it talks about how God is going to take the Israelite people and change them.  God is going to change them spiritually, God is going to change their physical situation, and God is going to give them a new heart in order to bring transformation.  In verse 36 it mentions that people around them are going to notice this change and realize what the Lord has done.

Some of the greatest stories of change in this world come from Christians who have seen Jesus totally change them and change their life.  Like Paul in the book of Acts, Jesus comes into their life and brings a sudden transformation in their life, their situation, and their purpose in life.  Perhaps you have a story like that to tell, or perhaps you can testify to seeing it happen in someone else’s life? Perhaps you need that kind of change in your life right now?  Jesus is ready and waiting to quickly change you into who God truly created you to be in this world. He will change you both inside and out!

Make it Personal:  What other things give witness to change in our world?  Creation, the Seasons, Time, Circumstances, and so many more.  God is the Lord of transformation and his Son Jesus Christ is the source of that change in our lives. He loves you, cares for you, and wants to change you in ways that will cause others to say, “Wow, how did that happen!”

Have a wonderful week Everyone, Pastor Glen Rhodes