Praise The Lord

Read: Psalm 103

A common phrase we hear when we are told of good news is “Praise the Lord!”  This is also a common phrase used by David in Psalm 103.  David uses it six times but in reality he is proclaiming it in almost every verse of this Psalm.  You see, Praise the Lord is a way for us to give thanks and be grateful for the goodness of God and also the presence of God in our times of need.  We must not forget to speak these words of gratitude in our daily lives.  Someone once said, “If Christians praised God more, the world would doubt Him less.”

Joanie Yoder writes, “Although forgetfulness sometimes increases with age, its really common to us all.  Even children have lapses of memory and excuse themselves by saying, “I forgot!”  But there’s one kind of forgetfulness that is inexcusable at any age, forgetting to be grateful to God.  The Psalmist David was determined not to fail the Lord in this way, so he exhorted his soul: ‘Forget not all His benefits.’” (Psalm 103:2)

It may be harder to praise the Lord during times of trial but by speaking those words we can be reminded that the Lord is there with us in the middle of those trials.  We praise the Lord for our blessings and we praise the Lord for his ongoing presence in every part of our lives.  “Praise the Lord, my soul.” (Psalm 103:22)

Make It Personal:  Use David’s example this week.  Speak the words “Praise the Lord” often and learn to use them in the good times as well as the times that are challenging.  Don’t forget to be grateful to God and give him praise.

Have a great week,  Glen Rhodes