One Step Forward

Read: Genesis 45

This past Sunday the message I preached focused on the grace and forgiveness of Jesus.  When Jesus spoke those final words on the cross “It Is Finished” he cancelled our sin and paid for them in full.  In our journey through life it is so important to receive this gift and continue to grow in our relationship with God and others.  I had to think of one of my favorite stories in the Old Testament when considering moving forward in life.  The story of Joseph.

Joseph started out as an overconfident young man.  That attitude led to him being betrayed and sold by his brothers to a caravan of Ishmaelites who were headed to Egypt.  When in Egypt Joseph overcame many hardships to eventually be placed in charge of the entire land by Pharaoh.  Years later when those same brothers came from their drought stricken land searching for food in Egypt, Joseph was the one the who forgave them and provided food for them and his father.

Joseph was not always perfect.  Joseph had to learn from his past mistakes.  Joseph had to continue to take one step forward each time he was faced with a betrayal, hardship, or false accusations.  But each step forward led him to where God wanted him.  As Joseph grew and became a man those steps along the way helped him to learn how to develop Godly character, trust in the Lord, receive grace, and extend grace to others.  Just like Joseph we are not perfect.  Just like Joseph we have to learn from our past mistakes.  And just like Joseph we have to continue to take one step forward in life as we move in the direction God has for us.

Make it Personal:  Receiving God’s grace in our life and practicing grace in our relationships with others is a very important step in life.  Too often we let the opposite keep us from moving forward.  Take steps this week to move past revenge, guilt, and condemnation.  Step into the blessings of grace and forgiveness.

Have a blessed week,  Glen Rhodes