Morning Prayer

Read: Romans 8:18-30

Did you pray this morning as you started your day?  In our hurry up world it is easy to get drawn into the rushing around to get to work, school, or wherever we are headed that day and forget to begin the day by asking God to be with us, near us, and in us as we set out for another day.  I recently heard of someone who gets up at 4 am each morning just to have some time in rest, devotions, reflection, and prayer before they begin their day. This person mentioned that their day would be much different if they just jumped out of bed and hit the floor running with their feet going 90 miles an hour.

Jesus himself was an example of this kind of intentional prayer and devotion.  In Luke 5 we hear that he often withdrew to lonely places to pray. Even the Son of God needed this time alone with God the Father, so how much more important might it be for us?  It doesn’t have to be an hour or two, but it could be. It doesn’t even have to be 15 minutes each morning, but we need it in our lives. We need to ask Jesus to walk with us through whatever the day ahead might present.

In Romans 8:26-27 we are told that the Holy Spirit will help us and guide us into what we are to pray for.  This help will surely come when we still our hearts and seek after the help and guidance that God wants to give to us through His Spirit.  Each person will have a different way to approach this but it is important that each of us make it a part of our morning routine.  

Yes, we can pray at other times of the day and we can pray together, but starting your day in this way can only help you to become prepared and focused for what the day might hold.  Andrew Brunson is a Christian pastor who was recently released from prison in Turkey. In a recent Christianity Today interview he shared his short personal prayer to Jesus each morning.  Perhaps his words shared below are a great way to start inviting Jesus into your morning and day.

Make it Personal:  Pastor Brunson says this prayer each morning… “Jesus, the only thing that matters is what you think about me when I stand before you, so I want to live accordingly.  I want all of my efforts today to have your glory in mind.” Start there each morning and let the Holy Spirit guide you further.

Have a blessed week, Pastor Glen Rhodes