Many Parts, Many Sauces

Read: 1 Corinthians 12:12-31

Do you know how many different flavors of sauce Chick-fil-A has?  They have eight according to their website but that doesn’t even include ketchup and mustard.  Can you name all eight?  My personal favorites are the original Chick-fil-A sauce and the Polynesian sauce. Why do they need so many options?  Because people are different and have different preferences for their sauce.  We know that people are different and have different personalities and giftings but Paul says that God planned it that way.  He says that we each are a part of the body of Christ and each one of us is needed (1 Cor. 12:27).

Author and blogger Amy Weatherly recently wrote about this when encouraging people to be who God has called them to be and not worry about what others might expect us to be.  She wrote, “You can’t be everyone’s Chick-fil-A sauce. That’s not your job. Your job is to run the race that’s been set out before you. Run it hard. Run it long. Run it well. Run it in your very own style.  Run with arms wide open toward faith and hope. Give grace. Chase after gratitude. Bring joy with you everywhere you go. Do what God’s asked you to do and keep your eyes on him.”

In 1 Corinthians 12 Paul is saying that we are all a part of the body of Christ but we all bring something different to the body.  He says, “The body is not made up of one part but many.”  One part can’t do it all and every part is needed to fulfill the work and purposes of God in this world.  Don’t try to be someone you are not and embrace who God has made you to be and what he has called you to be.  You can’t be everything to everyone.  We will get burned out if we try that.  Be you.  Be the flavor God has made you. 

Make It Personal:  Your purpose in life is to please God not to please people.  Don’t give in to the idea that you have to please everyone all the time.  You will always fail at that endeavor.  We are one body made up of many parts.  Each part is needed and valuable.  In fact, each part is indispensable in God’s kingdom and that means you are needed, valued, and loved by God.

Have a blessed week,  Glen Rhodes