Let’s Eat… Together!

Read: Galatians 6:1-10
For the past 15 years in various sermons, articles, devotionals, and conversations I have made it a point to encourage people to fellowship, converse, interact, share burdens and concerns, and support each other.  I truly believe this is why God has placed us together, in families, in churches, and in community. What better place to do this than around food and at the table? Families eating together, churches having fellowship meals together, and people conversing at local coffee shops are some of the ways we can live out the encouragements in Galatians 6:1-10.
In the September 16, 2019 issue of Time Magazine Belinda Luscombe writes, “Studies have long shown that eating as a family brings with it a cornucopia of benefits, ranging from decreasing a child’s risk for obesity, eating disorders, drug and alcohol use, depression and teen pregnancy, to improving their academic performance, eating habits, self-esteem, and resilience.”
One of the points that Belinda makes in her article is that some families are using breakfast as their main time of eating together.  While dinner is still the preferred option by most researchers our busy culture has forced people to eat together whenever and however possible.  Afternoon and evening sports and other things are often making it harder for families to work that out for dinner time.
In Galatians 6 we are told to support each other in many different facets of life.  We cannot do that unless we are finding times as families, church, and friends to sit down, eat together, and share our lives with each other.  In a much too busy culture we must become intentional about this endeavor. Our spiritual life can gain much by receiving love, support, and encouragement from each other.
Make it Personal:  No matter what place in life you are there is much value in fostering relationships with others. Parents, this is crucial for your families.  Couples, this is important for your relationship, Singles, this is valuable in staying connected with those around you. What better place to start those than around food or at your local coffee shop.  Let’s eat… Together!         
Have a great week, Pastor Glen Rhodes