“Just Remember…”

Read: Romans 12:3-8                    
C.S. Lewis once wrote, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” While we usually desire to be others focused, we too often tend to be selfish, me-centered, and vain.  This is probably why humility is one of the most encouraged character traits in the Bible.  Romans 12 says, “Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgement…”
While we need to see ourselves as God sees us; as loved, important, and valued, we also need to pay attention to times that we can become self-absorbed.  In a recent Golf Digest interview, former PGA Tour player and now golf analyst Paul Azinger said, “Each time I walk out the door to a tournament I’m broadcasting my wife Toni gives me a kiss and says, ‘Just remember, nobody’s tuning in to hear you.’”  Paul says, “It’s humbling. And dead-on accurate.”
When we see acts of humility we need to think about our own lives and learn how to grow in humility ourselves. How can I do better at putting others before myself?  How can I love my neighbor?  How is Jesus wanting me to grow in this area?  I need to ask those questions while still loving who God has made me to be as person created in His image.
NBA star Steph Curry, guard for the NBA champion Golden State Warriors, has shown humility in various ways over the past couple of years. Two years ago, he was the MVP of the league and yet still encouraged his team to recruit Kevin Durant to the Warriors who would later become an NBA finals MVP instead of Curry.
This past week his Warriors teammate Klay Thompson was scorching the net with 3 pointers during a game in Chicago.  He was on his way to breaking Curry’s record for 3’s in an NBA game.  What did Curry say to him during a timeout?  “Go get it Klay!”  He encouraged his teammate to break his own record for NBA 3 pointers in a game. Curry is outspoken about his Christian faith and once said, “People should know who I represent and why I am who I am, and that’s because of my Lord and Savior Jesus.”  Like all of us, Curry is not perfect, but he is striving to live out his faith.
Selfless humility is one of the Godly traits we should all try to emulate in our lives.  It’s not always easy and at times we will fail, but with the example and encouragement of Jesus and others we can remind ourselves that it is truly the best way to live our lives.  The words of Jesus ring true, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31
Make it Personal:  The one way we can decipher humility in our lives is to be self-aware.  As you interact with people keep this call to humility in your thoughts and ask these questions.  Am I responding with humility?  Does my attitude reflect humility?  Am I thinking of others?  We should all pray that God will help us to develop more humility in our lives.
Have a blessed week, Pastor Glen Rhodes