It Changed Everything!

Read: Luke 22-24

There are various events in our lives in which we look back and say, “It changed everything!”  A marriage, the birth of a child, overcoming an addiction, a restored relationship, a commitment to Jesus as your Savior, and you add whatever else it might be for you.  As we look back we realize how a change sometimes caused life to look different, go different, and give us a different outlook.

What happened during Holy Week and at the end of that week some 2,000 years ago was the ultimate “It Changed Everything!” for our world.  Luke 22-24 captures the whole story from Jesus sharing the last supper with the disciples and washing their feet, to his betrayal by Judas Iscariot and the trial that followed, to his crucifixion where he died for the sins of the world, to his resurrection 3 days later in which he conquered death once and for all.

Lives are changed and transformed forever for those who receive Jesus and all that he has done for them.  Sin no longer has to grip us and keep us in bondage, guilt can be released, fear can be dispelled, and the joy and peace of God can fully be realized because of these events of Holy Week. How can we not remember, celebrate, and give thanks for these immeasurable blessings?

Make It Personal:  If some things in your life need changed right now I encourage you to look to the one who has the power to change them.  Jesus can help you to overcome what may look bleak, dark, and depressing in your life.  If you turn to him and allow his resurrection life to shing into those situations you too may look back and say, “It Changed Everything!”

Have a blessed week,  Glen Rhodes