How You See It

Read: Psalm 118:15-24

For many years churches have sung the song “This is the Day” during their times of worship and praise.  “This is the day, this is the day, that the Lord has made, that the Lord has made, I will rejoice, I will rejoice, and be glad in it.”  I’m not sure who takes the credit for first putting music to the words, but we do know that the Psalmist in Psalm 118 wrote the lyrics because they are found in verse 24.

The question is really how well do we apply that attitude to our daily lives as we live, move, and have our being?  How often do you face the day ahead and say, “I am going to rejoice in this day that the Lord has given to me and be glad in it, whatever may come.”  Psalm 118:15-24 gives us reminders of how an uplifting and positive attitude about our faith in God can change how we see each day.

I have seen several reminders of this kind of attitude recently.  A friend who always says, “Make it a great day!” when saying goodbye.  A stroke victim who said, “I still do everything I want to do, I just changed what I want to do.”  A mom who asked her young child on the way to school, “How do you know this is going to be a good day?” and the child responded with, “Because we decided today will be good.”

These are great examples of people living out the praise of Psalm 118:24 and saying, “This is the day my Lord has made for me, I am going to rejoice in it and be glad for it!”  You see, this praise really begins with the attitude you choose to see your day with. How you see it most often determines how you experience it. Let’s choose to join my friends this week as we rejoice and be glad in each day!
Make it Personal:  How do you start each day?  This is an important thing to think about because it often times will shape how you approach the day as you get out of bed or walk out the door.  Get your day off to a good and positive start with prayer, scripture, and reminders that the Lord has made this day and given it to you. Remember, how you see it can determine how you experience it.

Have a joy-filled week everyone, Pastor Glen Rhodes