Hope Rooted In Jesus

Read: John 16:16-33

Following yesterday’s election in the United States I thought I would share this from my message this past Sunday. In the message I referred to a book that I recently read by Luke Goodrich titled “Free to Believe.” This is a book about the recent religious freedom challenges in our country.  Mr. Goodrich is a Christian lawyer that has been defending many Christians in court who are trying to live out their faith in their daily lives but are being taken to court over those beliefs.  Even though he is in the midst of all those struggles, this is what he writes about where our hope as followers of Jesus ultimately lies.

He writes, “As Americans we can tempted to place our hope in human institutions. Compared with the rest of the world, we have a stable legal system with broad constitutional guarantees of religious freedom.  We have laws that protect our freedom to worship, to evangelize, to found Christian ministries, and to run businesses in accordance with our faith.  Our Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled in favor of religious freedom.  We think if we can just preserve those institutions… win the next election… get the right Supreme Court justices appointed… then we have hope.  But that kind of hope is hollow.  As soon as we lose an election or lose a big case, that hope is replaced by fear.”

And then he writes this, “Christians throughout history have suffered terrible persecution. Yet scripture calls all of us to ‘rejoice in hope’ whether we live in North America or North Africa.  That hope is not rooted in any human institution.  It is not rooted in fair laws, favorable election results, or friendly Supreme Court justices.  It is rooted in a person: Jesus Christ.  He has already conquered every enemy we’ll ever face, and He has promised us an imperishable inheritance in heaven.”

In John 16:33 Jesus told us that we would face some trouble in this world.  He also reminded us to take heart, because he has already overcome the world for us.  Our hope is rooted in our salvation in and through Jesus Christ.  He is preparing an eternal home in heaven for those who believe and follow him.  An imperishable inheritance that is better than anything in this world.

Make it Personal:  While the news is full of predictions, proclamations, and despair; Christians need to be full with the hope of Jesus.  Let’s keep our focus in the right place in the days that lie ahead of us.  As we also heard in the message this past Sunday, “Whatever the news, the purpose of the Lord will stand!”

Have a blessed week,  Glen Rhodes