Golden Calves

Read: 1 Kings 12:25-33

A story from many years ago is told about some small farmers in Scotland.  Being superstitious, one year they kept a corner of their fields uncultivated in order to pacify certain evil spirits (this was before the current weed control options farmers have today).  These Scottish farmers believed that by sacrificing this one corner to the spirits, the remainder of the field would be left undisturbed and fertile.

What really happened, is that the weeds in the uncultivated corners went to seed, which was, in turn, carried by the wind and scattered across their entire fields.  This illustration is a reminder of how a person’s life and witness can be infected and ruined if they allow unrestrained sin and disobedience towards God to dominate even one small corner of their life.

In 1 Kings 12 we read the story of King Jeroboam.  This King set up golden calves in the cities of Bethel and Dan in order to keep the people from going to Jerusalem to worship God.  He deceived the people into thinking that these more convenient gods closer to home could replace the worship of the one true God in Jerusalem.  It wasn’t long before that deception began to have harmful consequences.

In our culture today we are offered many golden calves that promise pleasure, convenience, prosperity, and protection.  We must be careful to not let these false gods replace the promises of the one true God of the Bible. Just like the farmers in Scotland years ago, we today can be tempted to try things that will take us away from trust in Jesus and obedience to God.  We must be careful that these golden calves of the 21st century do not lead us away from the Lord who truly loves us.

Make it Personal:  What things in your life have become golden calves or have the potential to become golden calves and distract you from your faith in Christ?  The world can make us many promises, but sometimes those promises can leave us with fields of weeds to overcome. Final Reflection: Stay focused on God and not the golden calves of the world.

Have a wonderful week everyone, Pastor Glen Rhodes