God & Money

Read: Matthew 6:19-24

I recently ran across this definition of stewardship… “The proper management of ones resources for the glory of God.”  Stewardship can be related to many different things.  There is the stewardship of time, work, talents and gifting’s, raising of children, our influence, and our money and possessions.  This last one concerning money and possessions can sometimes be a complex issue.  We understand why Jesus spoke about it so often and offered many spiritual connections.  Ultimately it shows where our allegiance and devotion is truly rooted.

Steve Granger writes this about stewardship and money, “Jesus knew that the allure of money would challenge the hearts of God’s people. That certainly has not changed.  And in our culture today – the wealthiest society in the history of humankind – money’s allure challenges us ever more frequently and on increasingly deeper levels than we have ever known before.  We have so much.  Yet, we often think we have so little.  A missionary commenting on America’s unprecedented wealth, once said that “America’s greatest need is she has no need.”

Granger goes on the say, “The truth of that assertion is convicting, isn’t it?  Yet, it’s not entirely true.  Because America does have one great overriding need – the need to be faithful to God.  As Jesus warned on the Sermon on the Mount, we cannot serve both God and Money (Matthew 6:24).  We must choose which god will receive our allegiance and devotion.  How we steward the money given us speaks more clearly than any of our words about which god we choose.  Money is not a financial issue. It is a spiritual issue. Money is not about your bank account, it is about your heart for God and others.”  Good words to remember as we think about managing our resources properly for the glory of God.

Make it Personal:  Here is a prayer that can help us bring focus to our stewardship…
Most generous Lord, we come before you with our lives open in all all ways.  We look around us and see all that you have provided, and we are grateful!  Help us, God, to give first back to you, reflecting the generosity we see in you.  Be with us as we contemplate the significant difference between our wants and our needs, and help us to recognize those differences. Bless our decision to be responsible with the gifts you have given.  Amen.

Have a wonderful week,  Glen Rhodes