For Such A Time As This

Read: Esther 4

When many Christians hear the phrase “For Such A Time As This” they immediately think of the story of Esther.  Why?  Because Esther 4:14 in the Bible is where this phrase comes from.  God called Esther and placed Esther in a position as Queen to help save her people and save a nation.  Did you know that no name, title, or pronoun for God is used in the ten chapters of Esther?  However, God’s sovereign hand and presence is clear throughout this wonderful story in scripture.

Why is this phrase so well known?  I think it’s because it is a testimony to how God works in our world and in our lives.  When the time is right and the call is there we need to respond with willing hearts and commitment to God’s kingdom in this world.  Circumstances don’t usually just happen by chance, often times they point to God’s hand in our day to day lives.

Esther stepped up and made a difference when that time came in her life.  What about us?  How is God arranging things in your life to make a difference, be the difference, or start something new?  Verse 14 of chapter 4 proclaims that God will find a way with or without our participation, but it is always crucial for us to step up and be counted when we are called upon.

Make It Personal:  How does this phrase relate or speak to you right now about your life?  “You have come to this place and time and have been called in this way for such a time as this.”  Be sure to step up and step into whatever God is doing in your life right now.

Have a blessed week,  Glen Rhodes