Focus & Purpose

Read: John 15:1-17

Each product, each appliance, each item you have in your home is there for a specific purpose.  Your toaster is there to toast your bread, your food is there to keep you nourished, your toothpaste is there to keep your teeth clean, and your couch is there for people to sit on.  You could probably add some other interesting ones to that list. But each of those things are there for a purpose. If you try to nourish yourself on toothpaste or try to warm your house with your toaster you may have problems.

Our lives also are created with purpose.  God has created us with certain gifts, abilities, and callings in this world.  When we try to operate outside of those things it does not go so well. However, when we stay focused on the areas that God has called us to and given us the ability to succeed, we can thrive and do great things for Jesus in this world.

In John 15 Jesus talks about staying connected to the vine.  He says that if we stay joined to him he will stay joined to us.  If we are joined to him, verse 7 says that his teachings and his ways will become a part of us.  If we stay connected to the true vine and find our purpose in who we are in Jesus then the focus of our life becomes much clearer.  We become who God created us to become. What a freeing and wonderful life that can be.

Perhaps we need to consider how focused we are on the things of God in relation to the things of this world.  Are we fulfilling the purpose God has created us for? Are we focused on the right things? Are we staying connected to our Savior Jesus to constantly be led and encouraged in these things?  
Just like those things in our home that are there for a specific purpose, you are here on this earth for God’s purposes. If you follow after his Son Jesus he can and will fulfill those purposes within you.

Make it Personal:  Where is your focus right now?  Is it on the things that matter or on trivial things that don’t really bring forth fruit for God’s kingdom?  When we are living in God’s grace and seeking his purpose in life, we are staying connected to the vine that Jesus is speaking about.  That is a great place to be and the best place to live your life.

Have a wonderful week everyone, Pastor Glen Rhodes