Fake Moves

Read: 1 John 1:5-10

                  I am a sports fan, but not much of a soccer fan.  I find it hard to stay interested for 90 minutes with very few goals scored.  I am also not a fan of leaving the score a tie after all the effort that goes into a game.  However, I do enjoy following the World Cup that is currently being played in Russia.  There is something about the big stage of many countries coming together to compete that draws me in.  Next to the Olympics the World Cup is the largest sporting event in the world.

One of the intriguing things about soccer is always the dramatic falls, or fake moves that players make in order to get a foul called by the referee.  I have seen some good flop moves in NBA basketball games, but nothing quite compares to those in soccer.  Acting talent along with soccer skills must be a requirement to play big time soccer.

As I was watching those fake moves during recent World Cup games I was reminded of what John says about being “real” in the Bible.  Being fake in life is not recommended.  John speaks about the claims we sometimes make in order to make ourselves look better to others.  If we claim to be perfect and sinless, or if our heart does not match up with our outward appearances, we are not being honest with ourselves or others.

John says, “If we claim to have fellowship with him (Jesus) and yet walk in darkness, we lie and do not live out the truth.” (1 John 1:6)  A couple verses later he says, “If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.” (1 John 1:8)  John is encouraging us to not be fake.  He is encouraging us to be honest, truthful, and real with people.

The heart of the message in these verses is that Jesus Christ has purified us from our sinful nature.  We should confess our sins and mistakes and ask Jesus to purify us and make us new.  If we are a follower of Jesus Christ, then we need to make sure that our lives present who we truly are and not some fake persona.  Fake moves will probably always be a part of soccer, but they should never be a part of living the Christian life.

Make it Personal:  Often it is easier to notice fakeness in others than it is in ourselves.  Think about how you come across to family, friends, and others.  Does it give true witness to what is in your heart?  As John says, we should not claim one thing and bring deception.  Instead, we should be who we truly are.

Have a great week, Pastor Glen Rhodes