Everybody Is Doing It

Read: Romans 12:1-8

            The common excuse of “Everybody is doing it” is usually not a good reason to join the crowd.  In many cases it is not even true.  How do you truly define “everybody” anyway?  In many cases this phrase is used when people are trying to justify doing something that is either dangerous, detrimental, or probably not in their best interest.

In a recent newspaper article Tribune News Service Columnist Lori Borgman shared some of the ways that phrase is used…
“Everybody’s doing it,” muttered the employee as he stole from his employer.
“Everybody’s doing it,” purred the woman pursuing a married man.
“Everybody’s doing it,” hissed the drug supplier offering a free sample.
“Everybody’s doing it,” bellowed the rioter hurling rocks through business windows.
“Everybody’s doing it,” chuckled the teen forwarding a picture to his friend.
“Everybody’s doing it,” sneered a girl attempting to shame a reluctant peer.
You could probably add your own to this list as well.

Borgman goes on to share that we need to call this phrase what it really is, “A bold-faced lie.”  In Romans 12:1-2 we are encouraged to renew our minds and not conform to the patterns of this world.  Jesus can help us to live in a way that is pleasing to God and not be so worried about what everyone else might be doing.

You see, when we seek the counsel of God then we will be able to test and approve of what His good, pleasing, and perfect will is for our lives. God’s Word (The Bible) is where we should get our wisdom and guidance, not from the latest fade, trendiest idea, or that thing that we try to convince ourselves that everyone is doing.

Make it Personal:  The next time you try to justify something by what others are doing, remember to seek God’s counsel on what you should be doing.  Then remind yourself that most people are probably not doing whatever it is you think they are doing.

Have a great week, Pastor Glen Rhodes, Arthur Mennonite Church