Cup of Cold Water

Read: Matthew 10
As we wake up each morning and set out upon our day we have the choice to be a blessing or sour grapes.  We can approach our day with an attitude of gratitude or approach it with a woe is me view of life. Our approach can make all the difference in how we are received by others as well as how others will receive what we have to share with them.
I was recently reading an article by a woman who experienced two totally different encounters as she set out upon her day.  Those two encounters left her with two totally opposite feelings. The first was a grumpy cashier at the store that would not even look at her or say anything nice to her.  The second was a customer in another place that smiled, was joyful, and conversed with this woman in a very friendly and kind manner. She said she was thankful the cup of refreshing cold water came last since it lifted her spirits for the remainder of her day.  
In Matthew 10 Jesus speaks with his 12 disciples before he sends them out into the world.  He gives them many instructions, warnings, and things to look out for. But when he ends in verse 42 he speaks of giving a cup of cold water to people.  In other words, bless those you come into contact each day with a blessing instead of a curse.  
Imagine how refreshing a friendly word, a smile, or a joyful attitude can be to those in your home, workplace, school, the store, or wherever else you find yourself each day.  Not only does it make you feel better, it could change the entire course of someone else’s day as well. When a person is dry, weary, thirsty, and in need of refreshment, give them a cup of cold water to refresh their day.  You will make their day and your day that much better. There is a reason Jesus told this to his disciples as they set out to change the world.  
Make it Personal:  We all have days that are better than others.  It’s hard to be joyful and cheerful all the time.  One way to start your day off on the right foot is to spend some time in prayer, Bible reading, and devotions.  If within yourself you cannot find this cold cup of water to offer perhaps Jesus can provide you with it as you set out for your day.  
Have a great week everyone,
Pastor Glen Rhodes