Close To The Brokenhearted & Crushed In Spirit

Read: Psalm 34

With the events taking place in our country over the past week much has been said and written about how we should respond to these issues of race, injustice, hatred, violence, etc. as Christians.  Needless to say there are many broken hearts about all of these events.  In Psalm 34 David reminds us that the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.  For the midweek reflection this week I would like to share a thoughtful letter that Brian Mosley, President of Right Now media shared with their subscribers.  This is what he wrote….

“Dear Church,  The murder of George Floyd has re-opened wounds in the United States that have never fully healed and tragically continue to be ripped open. The headlines over these past seven days have left many of us sad and angry.  As I work from the suburbs of Dallas, far away from Minneapolis and the peaceful protests and the not-so-peaceful riots, I am tempted to think this is a news story that doesn’t affect me. I could easily believe that these issues seem to be happening “over there” to “other families,” not my family. But as a Christian I know that these issues are deeply impacting my family because my family includes all brothers and sisters who are unified under the banner of Jesus Christ. Injustice and inequality are hurting my family today and the Lord is close to the brokenhearted (Psalm 34:18).

Monday morning I talked with several African American RightNow Media employees and members of our board of directors and they graciously reminded me that one of the most meaningful things I can do is simply acknowledge that the injustices exist and empathize with those around me who are hurting. I have learned a lot in the past few days by listening and praying. Reconciliation efforts shouldn’t stop there, but reaching out to those around us to mourn together and learn together can be a first step in the healing process.

We’ve collected a handful of resources that might be helpful to you during this time. We pray that these resources do two things. First, that they challenge us to call racism, misuse of force by those in power, and systemic oppression a sin. Second, that these resources would point us to the hope and unity we have in Jesus Christ. Additional resources on racism and racial reconciliation are available in our Right Now Media library.  The mission of the church matters!”
– Brian Mosley

Make it Personal:  Take some time to watch some of the very helpful and meaningful videos that Right Now media has produced on these issues.  Allow them to lead you to God’s Word and the encouragement of scripture as we proceed through this time. You can access them at…        

 AMC has a subscription to Right Now media and if you need help accessing that subscription please call the church office.  May the Holy Spirit of Pentecost speak into our hearts the love, care, compassion, and hope of Jesus Christ.

Have a peaceful week,  Glen Rhodes