All The Time

Read: Psalm 34:1-9
Perhaps you have heard or experienced the saying “God is good, all the time; All the time, God is good.”  This is often used in churches and among Christians as a reminder that God does not change despite our world situation or individual circumstances.  In the midst of difficult and trying times we can always turn to God for help, even when we may not understand things.
In Psalm 34 David was writing those verses while experiencing some very hard times in his life.  Yet, in verse 8 he proclaims, “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”  We sometimes wonder why we go through certain things or why God doesn’t just change our circumstances.  I have been there before, and I’m sure you have too.
Our faith in God and in his Son Jesus Christ is what gets us through.  We know that God is with us at all times and will watch over us even through the hard things the world throws at us.  David reminds us in this Psalm to take refuge in God during those times and seek his love and deliverance.
In the biography or her life titled “The Hiding Place”, Corrie Ten Boom writes about the horrors she experienced in the Nazi concentration camp of Ravensbruck.  Some 33 years later, after some friends had provided her with a very nice home in California, a friend said to her, “Corrie, hasn’t God been good to give you this beautiful place?”  Her reply? “God was good when I was in Ravensbruck, too.”
That is a great reminder of how we can respond when our next challenge or adversity comes along.  God is always good, even when the world hits us with its bad. Our help comes from God and so did David’s.  In verse 4 he writes, “I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.”  Your faith in the goodness of God will see you through!
Make it Personal:  When we read the Psalms it often feels like we are reading a prayer.  Many of those poems or songs are actually prayers for help, hope, assurance, and thanksgiving.  Take time this week to pray about your circumstances and proclaim the goodness of God. Read this Psalm and others to be reminded that you are not alone.
Have a great week Everyone, Pastor Glen Rhodes