Whatever The News…

Read: Job 40-42

Where do you get your news about the things that are happening in our community, country, and world?  I hope you get them from a variety of sources so that you have a well-rounded view.  More importantly, I hope that you are getting some of your news from a Christian world-view perspective.  I have found a great resource on Facebook and YouTube called World Watch News.  This is a short 3 minute summary of the news that will be expanded to 10 minutes in August.  It is put out by World Magazine (another great source of news from a Christian world-view perspective) and is a very well done presentation.  Check it out.

At the end of each World Watch News report Brian Basham says, “Whatever the news, the purpose of the Lord will stand!”  I love that perspective because sometimes when we watch the news we forget about the sovereignty of our Lord.  No one, no event, and no news item in this world can thwart the purpose of the Lord.  While sin, violence, and divisive attitudes seem to rule over our news, the Lord continues to rule over our world as a whole.  God’s purposes cannot be changed or altered by those whom God has created.

The book of Job gives us a great glimpse of this.  The back and forth conversations between Job and God come to a final result in the last three chapters when the Lord reminds him that the Lord is over all.  In the second verse of chapter 42 Job acknowledges this and says, “I know that you can do all things, and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.”  The news in our world can often lead us to think differently than that.  Be sure to judge your news and your sources from the perspective that God is still Lord of all and his purposes will always remain true.  This is good news for a world that is in need of some good news these days.

Make it Personal:  What news sources are you watching, reading, or believing?  Be careful to give yourself a well-rounded view of things and be sure to include a Christian world-view in that mix.  I would highly recommend you check out World Magazine (In print and online), World Watch News (Facebook & YouTube), and other valuable God-centered resources.  Whatever the news, the purpose of the Lord will stand!

Have a blessed week,  Glen Rhodes