She was… He was…

Read: Psalm 103

What kind of Legacy will we leave when our lives on this earth
are over and we enter into eternity? It’s a question that we
all want to think about, but how often do we think about it as
we are making daily decisions? Too often one bad decision
leads to another, and another, and you get the point.

The flip side of that however is that good Godly decisions can
also compound. Not only do they compound in our own lives but
they tend to leave that positive legacy that we desire. At
your funeral or memorial service how do you want people to
think about you? When they complete the sentence “She was…”
or “He was…” what will those periods stand for?

Two stories in the news this week give us examples of the good
and the bad. Let’s start with the bad and end with the good.
Perhaps you have heard about the children of a lady in Reno,
Nevada who wrote a very sad and disheartening obituary for
their mother this past month. It was published in the paper,
online, and has since gone viral on the internet.

The obituary speaks only of the bad this lady left for her
legacy. It speaks of abuse, hatred, abandonment, and much
more. It’s hard to read! It’s hard to imagine that this
woman is now gone and this is the legacy that is left. I
didn’t know her, I don’t know her children, but it saddens me
to think that this is all they could think of when writing her

The good story comes from the sports world. I have never been
a fan of the New York Yankees. I don’t like the word “hate”
so I will just say that I have very much “disliked” the
Yankees for a long time. But their closer Mariano Rivera I
have long been a fan of.

Rivera is retiring from baseball this year, possibly this
week, after a stellar 23 year career. He is been lights out
on the baseball field but his legacy as a player and a person
is going to outlast his career by far. In a recent Sports
Illustrated article written by Tom Verducci, 17 former
coaches, players, and friends shared seven pages about the
legacy that he has created.

One co-worker commented, “Most of us have deployed all of our
attention to ourselves and to our own needs, with little left
over for the needs of others. Mo has a presence that creates
an atmosphere of teamwork, of an impossibly high regard for
the integrity and worth of the people around him.”

In Psalm 103 David encourages us to think about our legacy
from generation to generation. It’s a daily thing, not
something that only gets thought of at the end of our lives
here on earth. Each day affords us the opportunity to leave a
Godly legacy.

Make it personal: God’s grace and forgiveness is available to
anyone who feels like they have failed at this endeavor of
legacy. If you are still breathing it’s not too late to seek
that grace and create the new and improved legacy that you
desire. Start Today and seek God’s help!

Have a great week,
Glen Rhodes, Minister of Discipling and Community Life, Arthur Mennonite Church