Rejoice & Mourn

Read: Romans 12:9-21

Recently I have had the opportunity to celebrate with those who have received good news and mourn with those who have received bad news or have lost a loved one here on earth.  As a pastor I have these opportunities often but in Roman 12 we are reminded that this is something that all believers should do for one another, and often.

How easy is it for you to “Rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn?”  We often feel sympathy and extend sympathy to those who are going through difficult times or have lost a family member or friend, but how good are we at celebrating with those who rejoice even though we may not be blessed or as fortunate as they are.

In my Bible this section of scripture in Romans is titled “Love in Action.”  As fellow believers we need to support each other and love each other in all courses of life.  We are not to be jealous of others successes or ignore the plight of the needy.  We are even encouraged in these verses to bless those who persecute us instead of cursing them.  May the Lord help us all to be the people of God we are called to be.  To rejoice, mourn, bless, and love others in the ups and downs of life.  We ourselves will be blessed if we do so.

Make It Personal:  Think of someone you know who has been especially blessed with good news recently.  Now think of someone who is going through a very rough time in their life.  Find ways this week to rejoice with the one who is blessed and come close to the one who is stressed.

Have a great week,  Glen Rhodes