Let Go

Psalm 23

This Psalm is one of the most favorite scriptures in our Bibles. When we go through valleys and situations in our life it is a comfort for us to remember that the Lord Jesus Christ is our Shepherd. That he is there for us, cares for us, and will lead us through whatever we are going through.

Two years ago when I was in Israel I was reminded of this Psalm as we drove by many shepherds in the fields. Yes, this image still holds true today in the Israel. Young boys were out watching over the herd and staying close to them as they traveled across the countryside. It might not be as prominent today as it was in the time of David but it is still a part of many families daily lifestyle.

One thing that strikes us about the sheep is how they must trust the shepherd. If they go off on their own they lose the care and protection the shepherd provides. Sometimes we do that in life and it takes a certain circumstance to make us realize that we have taken over control of things instead of following Christ’s leading.

A story is told about a college student who once took some post cards and wrote letters on each card to spell out the phrase “L-E-T G-O-D” He put them up on his wall where he could see them each day. As his life went on he began to live life by his own preferences without giving God or his faith in Christ a second thought. He made decisions by holding on to his own ideas instead of praying about them and letting the Lord lead him.

One day as he went into his room he noticed that a breeze from his open window had blown one of the letters off of the wall. Interestingly enough it was the letter D. His cards now read “L-E-T G-O.” It was a quick reminder to him that he was the one in control and he was not allowing God to be the true shepherd of his life. He took this as a message that he was to let go of some things and allow God to carry out His will in his life.

The same can be true for us. We often like to be in control of things. It takes faith to let things go and trust that Jesus Christ, the good shepherd will lead us. Verse 1 of this Psalm says, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I lack nothing.” Perhaps we need to put an “if” at the beginning of that verse to make us realize that we need to allow the Lord to be our shepherd instead of being our own. Things definitely will work out better that way.

Make it personal: Name a couple things in your life that you have been obsessed over. Are you trying to control those things? Have you given Jesus the opportunity to control them for you? He will guide you along the right paths for his name’s sake….. if you let him.

Have a blessed week, Glen Rhodes, Arthur Mennonite Church