Knowing the Savior

Read: 1 John 5:13-20
I just returned this week from a visit with my family in Carlsbad, New Mexico.  I was amazed at how the oil and gas industry in that area has caused everything to expand and grow in recent years.  They are building housing and schools left and right in order to make room for everyone. As we flew into Midland, Texas and saw all the oil fields down below I was reminded of the story of how it all began.
During the Great Depression years in the 1930’s Ira Yates struggled to make his sheep herding ranch provide for his family.  One year when he could not pay his bills and was in danger of losing his ranch, a crew from an oil company came to him and ask if they could drill a test well on his property.  Yates agreed, signed the contract, and the rest is history. 80 years later Yates Pool in West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico is still producing oil and has now become one of the largest oil reserves in the world.
What Ira Yates didn’t know about is what ended up saving him and his family from financial bankruptcy.  The same is true for so many people in a spiritual sense. What they don’t know, believe, or accept about Jesus Christ is keeping them from living their best life possible.  To know the Savior is to find salvation, grace, forgiveness, and hope in a world that is too often spiritually bankrupt.
In 1 John 5 the apostle John writes about the things we can know about God and Jesus.  We know these things because God has made them known to us through his Son Jesus Christ and through the power of His Word, the Bible.  We know how to overcome the evil, sin, and trials of this world. We know how to be saved from those things. We know how to receive eternal life in heaven.  We know these things and need to make sure others know them as well. Perhaps you can be like the oil company was for Ira Yates, you can reveal to them spiritually who can save them for eternity.  Jesus is the one!  
Make it Personal:  As you read 1 John 5 take note of how many times John says, “We know.”  Then think about why we know these things and the difference it makes for us and all those who believe, receive, and follow Jesus as the Lord and Savior.

Have a wonderful week everyone, Pastor Glen Rhodes