“Don’t Give Up!”

Read: 2 Chronicles 15:1-9
Last week on the website “The Players Tribune” Milwaukee Brewers right fielder Christian Yelich wrote an article thanking his mother for encouraging him to never give up.  You see, when Christian was seven years old he almost gave up on baseball. In fact, he writes that he hid from his mother so he would not have to go to practice and get hit by the ball.  
Christian wanted to drop baseball and just play basketball. But his mom would have none of it, she encouraged him or perhaps forced him to continue on, and everyone (except perhaps Cub and Cardinal fans) are now glad that she did.  Yelich was last year’s Most Valuable Player in Major League Baseball and he is on that same pace again this year.
In 2 Chronicles 15 we are told about the reforms of King Asa.  He tried to turn a corrupt culture back to God and was encouraged by the prophecy of Azariah who said in verse 7, “But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”  In the midst of troubled times Asa restored the altar, repaired the temple, and began to turn people back to the Lord. On days that he felt like giving up he most likely remembered those words of encouragement and strength.
These stories are good for us to remember in light of the difficult days we sometimes face.  It is often easy to give in to voices that tell us to just give up, quit, or move on from what we have been called to in life.  The easy way out is usually not the best way. When we are strong and we don’t give up we often are rewarded for our patience and persistence, and sometimes we are rewarded for it.  Christian Yelich has learned how that works and on Mother’s Day he gave his mother the credit she deserved for encouraging him to “be strong and not give up.”
Make it Personal:  How do these stories from the Bible and life speak to you this week?  What are you tempted to give up on? Who are you tempted to give up on?  What if you don’t? There are always some things and some situations in life that we need to move on from or move away from, but we need to be careful that we are not just giving up on some things too quickly.  Pray to God and ask for help in whatever it is your going through.

Have a blessed week everyone, Pastor Glen Rhodes