Decision Fatigue

Read: Haggai 2:1-9

In a recent online meeting with other pastors one of the participants suggested that many leaders and those in decision making positions through this Covid-19 pandemic have been suffering from decision fatigue.  This suggests that no matter what decision is made there will always be some who will not agree with that decision.  This dilemma has always been but it has been elevated greatly during this worldwide pandemic.  Leaders in all areas of life have felt it.  In fact, I think all of us have felt this fatigue in many different ways.

In Haggai 2 we hear encouraging words for those suffering from decision fatigue.  Haggai is giving this message to the people during the Festival of Tabernacles in the fall of 520 BC. His basic message is one of encouragement.  He is encouraging the people to look to the future and to not dwell on their past blessings or present struggles.  Even though the new temple was not as big or as glorious as Solomon’s temple of the past he promises that God’s glory will be evident and the future will outshine the past.   Sure enough, 500 years later Jesus the Messiah arrives on the scene and the world was changed forever.

It is easy to get down and discouraged during these days of trial.  If you have experienced that I will say that I am right there with you.  However, we must not let those discouragements keep us from the hopeful days that are still ahead of us.  They are coming, and God’s glory and provision are going to be seen in even new and better ways.  These verses in Haggai 2 also promise peace and strength to the people.  God will grant us peace, God will keep us strong, and God will be with us. Don’t allow the current feelings of fatigue to blind you from the bright future ahead.

Make it Personal:  When you feel stressed, fatigued, and worn out, its time to turn to Jesus.  God will see you through this time of trial and God will grant you peace in the midst of it.  The future is being prepared for God’s glory to shine in new and brighter ways.  You might not hear that on the nightly news but you will hear about it in God’s Word.

Have a blessed week,  Glen Rhodes