A Prayer For Ukraine

Loving God, Creator of all peoples and source of all love, we are saddened.  We are saddened by the unleashing of horror and destruction in Ukraine.  

We are angry.  We are angry that lives are shattered, homes are leveled and innocence is trampled.  

We are dismayed.  We are dismayed that again the guns of war have drowned out the talks for peace.  

And we pray.  We pray that hard hearts of conquest wll be softened.  We pray that the very best practices of peace will prevail among leaders.  We pray gratefully that your spirit of healing and hope is present for victims suffering, for helpers responding, for soldiers sent to war, for leaders deciding.  

And we are committed.  We are committed as your people, as disciples of your gospel of reconciliation, to wage peace, as we are able, in Ukraine, and in all your good and lovely creation.  

All this we pray in the name and healing spirit of Jesus.  Amen