Lent 2019

The Lenten Season is here!. This year, our theme is Blessed Hunger, Holy Feast, with materials from  Menno Media’s Leader Magazine.   Here is the intro given by the Leader:
“Throughout the Scriptures for this Lenten Season, a theme of human emptiness recurs in contrast to the satisfaction and fulfillment God longs to provide for us. God’s people are portrayed enduring difficult times – hungry and thirsty, often lost and away from the safety of home. At the same time, God’s people find their most basic needs met in God’s abundance – they find their needs fulfilled by means of a feast that only God can provide! “Blessed hunger, Holy feast” articulates the truth found in these passages of Scripture.
Confession is a key element of the season of Lent. These worship resources make confession the high point of the worship service. Worshipers are encouraged to broaden their understanding of confession – to see it as much more than simply telling God how they’ve messed up. This worship series ‘”deliberately [blurs] the definition of confession to include both confession of faith in God and confession to God of who we are in that relationship as well as in our relationships with others and our world.” The act of confession warrants our primary attention in the season of Lent. While it might feel strange to engage in an hour of worship without first clearing the air between us and God (as our confession typically does), we are encouraged to see all the elements of the service – even the sermon-as creating a fitting context for the ritual of confession and reconciliation that happens near the end of each Sunday’s Lenten service.” – Leader Magazine , Winter 2018-19
Join us in our Lent Sermon Series: Blessed  Hunger, Holy Feast March 10-April 14 as we prepare ourselves for Easter Sunday on April 21st! Stay tuned for more details to come!