“You Never Know”

This weeks meditation:  “You Never Know”
Read: 1 Samuel 16:1-13

The story of David intriques me in many ways and probably the most intriquing is his calling at a very young age.  When his father Jesse brought his sons before Samuel to find the next king David wasn’t even in the running.  In fact he was still out tending the sheep. (v.11)

But God knew the heart of David!  Even though his father and others had no idea what the future would hold, God did!  It’s a reminder to all of us that you never know what God has in mind for you.  If you plant the seed and keep it watered God may produce something in you that neither you or anyone else might have expected.

Sometimes it is hard to understand why we go through some of the things we do, but it’s always healthy to keep an outlook on the future.  The difficult time you are in right now may be preparing you for what lies around the next corner.  The extra blessings you are receiving right now may be intended for God’s future plan for you.

When David was watching the flock as a young boy I would imagine that his attitude and his outlook on life played a huge part in what happened soon after.  So often it is easy to get in a complaining mode if things are not just as we drew them up; but maybe, just maybe, God is preparing you for the next thing.

Don’t complain, don’t get depressed, instead, press on!  Keep your heart right before Christ and he will use you in ways that you never knew were possible.  In fact, he may bless you in ways that you never saw coming.

You may feel like you are sheperding dirty sheep right now in a barren and remote land but don’t lose heart!  Keep your head up, your heart in tune with God, and your spirit trusting in Jesus.  You never know, tomorrow you may just be a king.

Make it personal:  If you feel worn out, beaten down, and stressed out this week take time to pray to Christ and ask him for strength.  We often struggle to keep our head up on our own when things are tough.  Jesus can help us do that so when the time is right we are ready for his next call on our lives.  Remember, you never know what that might be!

Blessings, Glen Rhodes
Minister of Discipling and Community Life

Arthur Mennonite Church