“Wisdom of their ways”

This Weeks Devotional:  “Wisdom of their ways”
Read: Psalm 36:9; Proverbs 10:11; Proverbs 13:14; Proverbs 16:22

Every other week I go to the Arthur Home to read to the residents there.  I spend a half hour reading various books from start to finish over time.  Recently I started reading Billy Graham’s new book entitled “Nearing Home, Life, Faith, and Finishing Well.”  It has been interesting to see and hear some of their responses as they listen to Pastor Graham’s wisdom of 93 years. (Many of them are close to the same age as Billy Graham and can relate to what he writes)

It has been a good experience for me as well.  As we begin a new year I am reminded again about the wisdom that the older generation has to share with us.  In those scriptures above David and Solomon remind us as well about the “words of the Godly” and the “life giving fountain” of wisdom that older believers have to share with us.

Even those who are 10 years older have had 10 more years of experiences, and life situations to learn and grow from.  We would be wise to tap into that wisdom and use their stories and their advice to help us in our Christian journey.

It is also important for us to think about who we can mentor.  At any age there is always someone younger that can be helped by some of the experiences that you have had and learned from.  When we encourage the next generation of Christians we are planting seeds for God’s kingdom that will flourish long after our time on earth is over.

I ran across a poem by Lanette Kissel that says it well….

“They have made their share of mistakes, may have learned life’s lessons the hard way.  It has taken years of living and learning to turn their hair to lovely shades of gray.  Though their hearing and eyesight may be weak, and the gait of their walk may be slow, they are able to point you in the direction it would be best for you to go.  They have seen the sun rise and set on an endless number of days.  You know you can surely benefit from the wisdom of their ways.  Do you find that they are truly wise, or do you think of them as simply old?  Yet realize that their knowledge and insight are worth more than silver and gold.”

Make it personal:  Who is a mentor to you?  Who can you mentor?  These are good questions to ask as we begin a New Year.  Remember that each interaction you have with an older or younger person may be an opportunity to learn or to teach.

Many blessings in the year ahead,
Glen Rhodes, Minister of Discipling and Community Life
Arthur Mennonite Church