Ways to Worship

This Weeks Meditation:  “Ways to Worship”
Read: Genesis 12:1-9

When it comes to worshiping God there are many different ways
that people choose to worship.  As we see in this Old
Testament passage from Genesis 12 Abraham and others often
worshiped by building alters to God.  In other places in the
Bible we see enthusiastic worship (David) as well as
contemplative worship (Mary).

Even today we all have different temperaments and
personalities when it comes to how we worship God.  None of
them are right or wrong as long as they are directed to
bringing praise, adoration, and thanksgiving to Jesus Christ.

In a recent article in “Thriving Family” magazine, Gary Thomas
shares 9 Spiritual Temperaments.  He says, “See if you can
find yourself in one or more of the following……

Naturalists’ (hearts open to God when they get outdoors)  God
seems real to them when they’re hiking under a big expanse of
sky or at least sitting under a tree.

Intellectuals (really like books, even the reference kind, and
live in a world of concepts)  They want to come out of their
devotional time and worship with new understanding.

Sensates (more aesthetically inclined) The artistic types that
prefer creative and original music or nice atmosphere and
architecture.  Worship is about seeing, hearing, feeling.

Traditionalists (find great meaning by worshiping in set
patterns, their own or historical ones)  They may organize
their life around scheduled times of worship and devotions.

Ascetics (meet God internally)  They prefer to shut out the
world and meet God in solitude and austerity.  Quiet and
orderly environment.  They don’t like distractions.

Activists (meet God in the vortex of confrontation)  They want
to fight God’s battles.  God is most real to them when they
are standing up for justice or working on the frontlines to
build God’s kingdom.

Caregivers (love God by loving others)  Providing care or
meeting needs in Jesus’ name spiritually energizes caregivers
and draws them closer to the Lord.

Enthusiasts (like the excitement and celebration of group
worship)  They probably buy more praise CD’s than books.  They
feed off enthusiasm of other believers.  They embrace creative
forms of worship.

Contemplatives (are marked by an emotional attachment and
surrender to God)  They want to spend time in God’s presence,
loving him, adoring him, and listening to him.  They like to
journal and share their emotions and feelings in writing.

I’m not sure which of those temperaments best describe you and
those in your family, but it’s important to remember that we
are all created in a unique way by God.  That uniqueness is
also obvious in the ways that we worship him.

As we worship Jesus together lets embrace that uniqueness and
develop understanding with each other.  Our purpose is always
the same (to worship Christ) but our methods may be different
depending on how He created you.

Make it personal:  Many of these ways to worship are done
throughout the week.  As you go through your week this week
find ways to worship God as you care for others or take a
hike.  God is all around us and He loves it when we worship
Him in whatever way that may be.

Blessings in your week,
Glen Rhodes, Minister of Discipling and Community Life
Arthur Mennonite Church