The Real Gift-Giver

Read: John 1:1-18   

     When something good happens in your life or when you are blessed beyond expectation who gets the credit?  Too often we are quick to pass these blessings off as good fortune, good luck, or just the way circumstances worked out.  If you are a Christian your response should be much different than that.  You have the Lord looking after you and providing for you in all areas of life.

Recently I heard someone share about a wonderful blessing that happened to them.  As the story continued the credit for this gift was immediately given to God.  This person gave thanks to God over and over as the provider of this blessing that could only have been from the Almighty.  It made me think about how I respond to these kind of blessings.  Do I immediately raise my hands of praise to the Lord as I should or am I too busy moving on to the next task at hand?

To illustrate how we often fail to give God the thanks he deserves, Pastor and Author Chuck Swindoll told the following story of a man he visited in the hospital:  “The day I arrived to visit, I saw a touching scene. This man had a young son, and during his confinement in the hospital, he had made a little wooden truck for his boy. Since the boy was not allowed to go into the ward and visit his father, an orderly had brought the gift down to the child, who was waiting in front of the hospital with his mother. The father was looking out of a fifth-floor window, watching his son unwrap the gift.

The little boy opened the package, and his eyes got wide when he saw that wonderful little truck. He hugged it to his chest.  Meanwhile, the father was walking back and forth waving his arms behind the windowpane, trying to get his son’s attention.  The little boy put the truck down and reached up and hugged the orderly and thanked him for the truck. And all the while the frustrated father was going through these dramatic gestures, trying to say, “It’s me, son. I made the truck for you. I gave that to you. Look up here!” I could almost read his lips.

Finally the mother and the orderly turned the boy’s attention up to that fifth-floor window. It was then the boy cried, “Daddy! Oh, thank you! I miss you, Daddy! Come home, Daddy. Thank you for my truck.”  And the father stood in the window with tears pouring down his cheeks.  How much like that child we are.”

In John 1 we read about The Word becoming Flesh.  It speaks of how Jesus was, is, and always will be.  In verse 3 it says, “Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.  In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.”  Jesus is the real gift-giver in our life.  He is the one that creates, provides, and sustains the many blessings we experience in this life.  He is also the one who comforts, cares, and loves us when difficult things in life come our way.  The next time you are overwhelmed with a blessing or blessed by God’s love take time to give thanks to Jesus who made that blessing and that love a reality in your life.

Make it personal:  Take time this week to think about some of the recent blessings you have experienced.  Think about some of the difficult things you have faced.  Then take time to thank God for providing for you in all situations.  Give praise to the Lord for the blessings and give thanks to the Lord for being with you when you needed love and support.

Have a blessed week,  Glen Rhodes, Arthur Mennonite Church