“The Passion”

This Weeks Meditation: “The Passion”
Read: John 12:12-19 and John 19:17 – 20:9

The week ahead is often referred to as The Passion of Jesus. It also known as Holy Week. It’s a week in which we recall the most important historical event to ever take place on our earth. It was the week that changed our world forever. God, through his Son Jesus Christ showed his passion for his people and provided us the way to salvation.

These events in John 12-20 can’t be explained away as anything other than miraculous and life changing. And that is exactly what author Josh McDowell realized in his own life. When he entered college he was a young man looking for a good time and searching for happiness and meaning in life.

He tried many worldly things that failed before he noticed a group of students engaged in a serious study of the Bible. As he watched the people in that group he noticed a genuine radiance coming from those in the group. He asked one young lady why that was, she looked him straight in the eye, smiled, and said, “Jesus Christ.”

His first response was, “Don’t give me that garbage about religion.” But she then responded by saying, “I didn’t say religion; I said Jesus Christ.” Josh accepted their invitation to learn more and once he realized the truth and the proof supporting Christianity he received Jesus as his Savior.

Since that time he has written many books and spoke thousands of times about what he found when he investigated the historical resurrection of Jesus. He realized it’s power in his life, in others lives, and in our world. He eventually wrote his well known book entitled, “Evidence that Demands a Verdict.”

Just like Josh McDowell, you too can experience the power of Christ’s resurrection on a daily basis. It is this week in history that opened the door to heaven and a relationship with God that cannot be matched in our world in any way, shape, or form. All it takes is for us to believe, receive, and allow Jesus to transform our life through him. I hope that you will do that this Easter Season!

Make it personal: In what way can you allow this truth of Easter to change your daily life? Is it peace you need, is it a change that you need, is it a re-commitment? There is no better time than the season of Easter to allow that change or that peace to become a part of your life!

Have a great Easter,
Glen Rhodes, Minister of Discipling and Community Life
Arthur Mennonite Church