The Good Shepherd

Read: Psalm 23

Like any profession the sheep herding industry has good shepherds and bad shepherds.  Even though herding sheep is not nearly as popular today as it was in the time that Jesus walked in Galilee it still is a reality for some people.  I recently read this article from The Telegraph, a British newspaper.  It was reported that a flock of over 1,300 sheep “had to be rounded up by police in the Spanish city of Huesca after their shepherd fell asleep.”

The article continued: “According to city authorities, the police were alerted to the presence of the extremely large flock attempting to negotiate the streets in the center of Huesca at around 4:30 am on Tuesday when a local resident dialed Spain’s 112 emergency number. The dozing shepherd was meant to be keeping the animals in check outside the environs of the city while he waited for the clock to strike 7:00 am, when he was due to guide the sheep northwards through Huesca towards Pyrenean uplands where his flock will graze during the hot summer months. The police eventually found the herder, who was still peacefully slumbering. Together the embarrassed shepherd and police officers were eventually able to extract the sheep from the city and return them to their pastures.”

Psalm 23 is often used for times of loss, sorrow, and difficulty.  It is a perfect Psalm for comfort during those difficult times. But this Psalm is also a reminder that God is always on the job when it comes to looking out for his followers.  Because of that David says, “I’m not afraid” because he knows that God is walking by his side.  He also proclaims that God will “revive my drooping head” when that is needed.  And we all have those days when that is needed.

David was a shepherd himself in his early days. I am sure he was a very good shepherd. But he could write this Psalm about God because he knew how completely dependent he was on God. He was dependant on God in the same way that his sheep had been depending on him.  And from this Psalm we are reminded that God will always be ready and willing to lead, guide, direct, bless, and comfort us when we need it.

Make it personal:

 What are you afraid of this week?  Know that God is right there with you and can calm your fears if you call on him.  David said, “I will fear no evil, for you are with me.”  Turn to your Good Shepherd this week and place your trust in God, in all things.

Have a great week, Glen Rhodes, Arthur Mennonite Church